Scrap Yard Vegas is the eleventh episode in the Star Trek: False Vacuum series, launched on August 21st, 2015.


False Vacuum Squadron is getting a briefing prior to the Second Battle of Tovolo, and Janielle Potvin was surprised to see Mavis Warrington, an old rival from Waverly Prep, and the entire 182nd Tactical Fighter Wing was deployed against the Wyldefire Compact in the Scrap Yard in an attempt to destroy Vegas Station. After fighting hundreds of fighters, Starfleet forces reach the station itself, with Powerleveling Squadron dropping all of its bombs on the asteroid, dealing heavy damage to the facility. The station was eventually destroyed once twenty R-5162 photonic missiles hit the asteroid facility afterward.

Upon their return to Unity Three Starbase, the squadron members discuss about literature, ranging from 1L Life is Hell (and law school at large) to Pedicord Apartments, with Mavis Warrington revealing that Carnegie Mellon University Press was a novel factory shortly before she received her acceptance letter, handing over her ghostwriting contract to Janielle. Upon discovery of the Temporal Slot Machine, she immediately took it upon herself, as a Department of Temporal Investigations agent, to test it and later to have all the surviving pilots from the 182nd use it to have a glimpse on these individuals' futures.


"One-L Life is Hell!"
— False Vacuum Squadron's battle cry
"Kenza, Captain Obvious..."
"I'm not a captain yet."
Arthur Porter inadvertently revealing Kenza's last name

Production notesEdit

This episode is inspired by the mixtures of two areas in Tachyon: The Fringe, the Scrap Yard and New Vegas.

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