Scott Gruber was a Starfleet officer who served in the late 24th century. In 2370, he was assigned as a junior engineer aboard the USS Repulse. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Gruber graduated with the class of 2369.

USS RepulseEdit

Gruber was among the most junior engineering officers aboard the Repulse. Despite his youth, he was well-liked by the crew, and was a personal favorite of chief engineer David Rice. So much so that Gruber would often fill in for him whenever Dave chose not to be on the bridge, which was often. As a result of this, Gruber quickly ingratiated himself with the senior staff.


In 2370, shortly after the attack on Eden Prime, Gruber was handpicked by Commander Rice to join an away mission to investigate a destroyed pirate base in a nearby asteroid field. During the away mission, Gruber and Rice attempted to restore power to a damaged plasma relay. Unfortunately, the relay overloaded and Gruber was killed. A memorial service was held for him shortly thereafter. Gruber was the first member of the Repulse crew to be killed in the line of duty. (ST: TNF "Baptism of Fire")


Gruber's name is inscribed on a memorial plaque in Ten Forward. In addition, Captain Farrell renamed one of the ship's shuttlecraft the Gruber in his honor.

Summary of ServiceEdit

Dates of RankEdit

Insignia Rank Date Notes
ENS (TNG).png
Yellow (TNG).png
Ensign 2370 (Stardate 47561.3) Engineer aboard USS Repulse


Date Rank(s) Unit Class Notes
2355 (Stardate 47561.3) ENS USS Repulse Nebula Class Engineer

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