Sarsachen i'Amriel tr'Sauringar was a male Romulan Starfleet officer who held a dual commission as a naval officer for the Romulan Republic. (Bait and Switch)


Born in the city of Amriel on Kevratas, Sarsachen tr'Sauringar had entered Starfleet by 2394 and in 2409 held the rank of commander. In that year he accepted a commission in the newly formed Romulan Republican Force, with the rank of riov ("commander"), and was assigned to be executive officer of the RRW Bloodwing under Morgaiah t'Thavrau. He was transported to New Romulus aboard the USS Bajor. ("An Anomalous Nightmare")

Another Republic officer took exception to Sarsachen's prior service in Starfleet and dueled him. Sarsachen sustained an injury to the face and required stitches; the other combatant spent a week in the hospital. Sarsachen's wound left a prominent scar under his left eye. ("Aen'rhien Vailiuri")

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