Sarah Walker, more commonly known as Anna Walker, was a Terran Starfleet officer in the early 25th century, and commander of the ISS Sally-F as well as Starbase 144. (Earth Spacedock)


Assimilation and SeparationEdit

Little is known of the circumstances around the incident, but a mirror counterpart of 11 of 14 has been stated to exist.


Anna Walker somehow reached the rank of Fleet Admiral and became commander of the ISS Sally-F.

Mirror Alliance OppositionEdit

When the mirror universe Nat Wallace worked alongside the alternate universe Nat Wallace, apparent AU Sarah Walker, and the prime universe Captain Krystal Jade, Mirror Nat proposed having AU Sarah take place of Anna to give the Alliance additional power, and had run several simulations to prepare for such a plan, but the plans were eventually scrapped. (Earth Spacedock)

USS Sally Subspace Invasion Edit

When the USS Sally-F was lost in subspace and boarded by numerous enemy factions, Anna Walker eventually intercepted and boarded the vessel in an attempt to kidnap Krystal Jade, but failed and eventually retreated, but managed to steal the ISS Chronostorm in the process.

Temporal Fracture Outpost Infiltration Edit

When aliens began fusing alternate realities together from a secret base in a temporal fracture, Anna Walker eventually arrived in a scheme to get vengeance against Krystal for her previous failure, but eventually decided to assist them in their mission instead.

Alternate UniversesEdit

There are, as of 2410, 2 alternate universe versions of Sarah alive; including Admiral Sarah Walker from the alternate universe accessed via a wormhole in the Natara Expanse of the prime universe, and her prime universe counterpart.

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