Sarah Perlark was a Starfleet officer from the 26th and 27th centuries. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars).

Brief historyEdit

Sarah lived in San Francisco and was a childhood and adulthood friend of Henry Tellar. She attended Starfleet Academy in 2588, at the age of 19, where she met James Obeska and fell in love (it was revealed that they met when James walked into Sarah in a hallway). They were both promoted to ensign at the Academy for saving the lives of fellow classmates during an accident in wilderness survival training.

In the year 2592, she graduated with James and they served together on the USS Huron, where they were promoted to lieutenant commanders. She was the science officer. In 2595, Sarah and James married but Sarah kept her maiden name.

She continued to serve on the Huron until late August of 2602, when she was requested by James to be the first officer of the USS Majestic. She worked with James to get the Majestic's construction completed on schedule, until September 11, 2602, when the Majestic was ordered to head to Vulcan to hold off the mirror universe invasion fleet ("Approaching Dawn"). During the Battle at Mirror Earth, Sarah was almost fatally injured due to a torpedo exploding inside the Majestic.

It was learned that Sarah made a full recovery, and she became the first officer of the USS Enterprise-P under James.