Sandy Cotton was a human non-commissioned officer that served as a MACO soldier during the 2150s and 2160s. She was a front lines soldier in the Earth-Romulan War, before being transferred to the starship Poseidon. (Star Trek: Poseidon - The Birth of the Federation)

Born in London on Earth, Cotton was raised in a family of soldiers. Her father was a MACO officer, his father had served with the Royal Marines as a commando. Naturally, her choice of career came as no suprise to her family.

MACO Service Record 2155-2162Edit

After completion of basic training, much to her chagrin, she was attached as a communications clerk to the 137th Infantry Regiment. Sandy wanted to prove herself as a soldier, not a typist. During the Earth-Romulan War the 137th found itself in action on Delvala II, and it was there that she got her chance.

On the night of 14th-15th October 2155, Romulan forces initiated mass infantry charges in hopes of breaking the Starfleet lines. The fighting was fierce, often hand-to-hand. By morning the lines were holding, although they were dangerously thin. Realising the peril, the regiment's commanding officer, Col. Bowden reinforced the line with anyone who could still hold a rifle. This ragtag force included the young Private Cotton. The Romulan's charged again and Cotton engaged the enemy with zeal, often exposing herself to enemy fire to defend her position.

For her actions she was awarded the Bronze Star. Eventually, she returned to Earth, and was placed on the advance combat infantry course. Her high scores, caught the attention of the special forces commanders, and upon completion she was streamed for special forces training. Eventually, she was assigned to conduct long range reconnaissance patrols, a task that she continued until the cessation of hostilities. Upon returning to Earth, she was slated to become an instructor but was transferred to shipboard duties instead. The Poseidon was her first shipboard assignment.

In January 2162, Cotton was awarded commendations for gallantry and original thinking in helping to combat an alien incursion aboard the Poseidon.

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