Sanctuary Outpost was a mobile automated repair space station, which was programmed by the Lok Cooperative to seek out ships in distress and offer assistance in exchange for knowledge about this species, culture, and civilization. The station was run by the Administrator. (Star Trek: New Horizons)

In 2383, the USS Horizon encountered the Sanctuary Outpost and received repairs from the station. The station was also equipped with advanced medical facilities, which were able to revive Lieutenant Commander Zachary Beltram from his coma. While supervising the repairs to the engineering room by the outpost's mechanical repair arms, Lieutenant Carmen Gomez and Lt. Colonel James Morgan was abducted by the station. When Gomez woke up, she discovered that the Administrator was a computer construct, and that the station had no crew. ("Sanctuary")


  • The concept for the Sanctuary Outpost was inspired by the repair station from ENT: "Dead Stop".

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