Twenty six days later and the crew finds a sanctuary.


The crew look for a place to make repairs after their encounter with the Conglomeration.

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"Can we go to warp?"
"Not unless you want to get your insides turned out, sir."
"That's not on my to-do list."
Morgan asks Gomez about the Horizon's warp capabilities, and Hutch chimes in.

"Its how we react to such circumstances which truly reveal our character."
Admiral Thadius Rutledge speaking with Keller about the situation they are in.

"Colonel Morgan suggested that I assist you with whatever it is you're doing, sir."
"I'm supervising the warp core repair."
"Supervising, eh? So I don't have to lift a finger?"
— Hutch informing Keller of his purpose in engineering.

"Sanctuary will send you a work log, please inform your crew to avoid areas under repair."
"And when will you be expecting payment for these services?"
"When repairs are completed. Have a good day."
— The Administrator speaking with Keller.

"Impressive, isn't it?"
"If your looking for something to replace you, yes."
— Morgan speaking with Gomez about Sanctuary Outpost's mechanical repair arms.


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