Salin Jonar was a joined Trill, the third host of the Jonar symbiont, and the Starfleet officer who took Noah Wrightson under his wing when he was a cadet. The friendship between them grew as Salin acted as a mentor to Wrightson. Salin Jonar was killed in 2353, and the Jonar symbiont was transferred to Ulitania Aujan. In "Catalyst, Part One", Ulitania hinted Salin's death was quick and unexpected.

Salin and Jonar were joined in 2339 on the death of Marjal Jonar.

According to Ulitania Jonar, Salin loved his motivational speeches; she felt like she always had to keep up with him. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")

Salin's position, rank and assignments have not been established.
His name is pronounced "SAY-lin JOH-nahr".

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