Sabotage of Vuldok Nor
Part of Dominion War
Date: Stardate 51614.7 (2374)
Location: Vuldok system
Result: Federation victory
Federation Dominion
Lieutenant Nosar Drin unknown
Rapid Response Team 23, one Saber-class starship Vuldok Nor, 33 starships
None 33 starships, Vuldok Nor
None 15,000
Previous Next
Raid on Coridan Second Battle of Vulcanis

The Sabotage of Vuldok Nor was a successful Starfleet operation during the Dominion War that saw the destruction of the Cardassian space station Vuldok Nor. (The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon)

Lieutenant Nosar Drin and Rapid Response Team 23 were given the task of destroying the Cardassian fortress of Vuldok Nor, located near the old Federation-Cardassian border. The base was a major staging area and was supporting starships that were reinforcing the Dominion's positions in several contested star systems. The base was manned by 15,000 Cardassians and thirty-three ships.

Drin's plan hinged on tricking Vuldok Nor into believing it was under attack. A boarding party in a shuttlecraft hid in the sensor shadow of a Galor-class ship as it approached the station. Drin on a Saber-class starship and using several probes created enough echo displacements to fool the station's sensors into showing a small but powerful enemy force on approach. As per standard procedure the station raised its shield and ordered its complement of vessels to remain on station.

Meanwhile, the boarding team sneaked onto the station and gained access to the station's computers, planting a virus that would turn off all the safety interlocks to the station's fusion reactor. The team then fled on their shuttle, bypassing the shields using stolen shield modulation codes. The station detected the shuttle and fired on it, however the virus activated and the fusion reactive went critical destroying the station and its complement of ships. Drin retrieved his boarding party's shuttle and escaped back to Federation space.

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