"STO Thanksgiving" was the seventeenth edition of the Star Trek Online Unofficial Literary Challenge, hosted on the Arc Forums. It was the first challenge of Star Trek Online's Season 11, for the month of November 2015.

Prompt #1 - What Are You Thankful For? Edit

"What Are You Thankful For?" was the first prompt of the challenge, posted by StarSword.

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday that originated as a combination of harvest celebration and religious festival. Earthlings still celebrate it in the 24th century, but what did the nonhuman citizens of the Federation or neighboring states make of it? And most of all, what are they thankful for?

Entries Edit

Prompt #2 - Sheer BoredomEdit

"Sheer Boredom" was the second prompt of the challenge, suggested by Worffan101 .

Your ship is stuck on a perfectly ordinary patrol mission in which absolutely nothing at all has happened. The tension is metaphorically killing you, and the crew is stupendously bored out of their skulls.
How do you deal with this crippling boredom?

Prompt #3 - Out of the GameEdit

"Out of the Game" was the third prompt for this challenge, suggested by forum user antonine3258.

Your captain is prepping for a potential long-term mission (exploration, deep strike, colony fleet) that could last several months. Time to update the bridge roster? What are they bringing? What contingencies are they preparing for on the journey? What do they hope or fear to face?
What is happening with their relationships with such a long-term separation, and what would happen if the mission is scrubbed after all this work?


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