"STO Halloween" was the sixty-eighth Star Trek Online: Literary Challenge and the third challenge of Star Trek Online's Season 9.5.


This was a single challenge, unlike previous challenges in Season 9.5. It was posted by Star Trek Online Forum community manager pwecaptainsmirk.

The ancient tradition of Terran Fall Harvest Celebrations, Spirit Worship, and the practice of 'Trick or Treat' has long been studied by allies of the Federation. With our favorite holiday fast approaching, we want to see what great stories you can come up with that celebrate the concept of Halloween, either from a human perspective, or from that of any of the species in STO. Do the Klingons or Romulans have similar cultural traditions? Do the Bajorans? The Caitians? The Orions? The Talaxians? Now is your chance to invent something special just in time for the holiday.


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