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The SS Yorktown (NCC-108) was a Daedalus-class military cruiser that later served as a UESPA freighter. (Star Trek is...)


The Yorktown was commissioned on April 20, 2162 from the Yoyodyne Division of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at San Francisco Fleet Yards.

The list of commanders from its dedication plaque is as follows:

UESPA-Starfleet mergeEdit

In 2229, UESPA became an organization subordinate to Starfleet Command. The Yorktown was among several starships which were to have mixed crews during this period. Lieutenant Robert April was given a promotion and placed in command of the freighter, making the current Captain his executive officer. Under April, the UESPA commonly made freight runs through dangerous Axanar territory.

SS Yorktown personnel in 2229Edit

In 2229, the ship had a complement of 23.

Starfleet crewEdit

UESPA crewEdit


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