Botany Bay launch with boosters still attached

The SS Botany Bay was a Human spacecraft launched in 1996 during the closing stages of the Eugenics Wars. This particular DY-100 was used by Khan Noonien Singh and 84 of his followers to escape from Earth after the tide of war turned against the Augments.

In 2267 the ship was discovered adrift in space by the USS Enterprise. Khan and 72 of his followers that had survived three centuries of hibernation were revived and later attempted to take control of the Enterprise. Rather than have Khan arrested Captain James T. Kirk elected to have him settle on a barren planet with his followers. (TOS: "Space Seed")

In the novel "The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2" and the video "Escape of Khan" by VideoSpaceFX which is based upon it, the Botany Bay is stolen from a secret U.S. military base and presented to Khan as an option that allows him to escape justice but also end the war.

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