S.S. Bonaventure (10281NCC) was a starship, presumably of Earth registry, active in the 22nd century.

Said to be the first starship equipped with warp drive, Bonaventure was lost on its third voyage in the Delta Triangle region.

Perhaps Zefram Cochrane's Phoenix was only a testbed for the warp drive, and thus not considered a starship in its own right.

On stardate 5267.3 (ca. 2269), Bonaventure was discovered by USS Enterprise in the pocket continuum of Elysia along with hundreds of other vessels lost over the centuries. (TAS: "Time Trap")


As depicted in the episode, Bonaventure had a similar configuration to Constitution-class starships: saucer-shaped primary hull, cylindrical secondary hull, with outboard warp nacelles mounted on pylons. However, it was smaller than Enterprise.

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