The SLNVRX Corporation was a big multi national company and one of the first corporations who produced Cyberware. At first , the company was a repair service. During the 23rd century, a friend of the boss who was a Starfleet Admiral recommended the boss to turn the company into a weapon manufacturer. The boss agreed and turned the company into a weapon manufacturer. After the current chief of the company overtook the company, he turned the company into an IT company. He earned much money because he invented a converter program for brain signals and computer code , which eased the creation of cyberware, together with a friend. The SLNVRX Corporation was also one of the first companies who built Cyberware. Due to a Cyberware technology test , the company resurrected Ibo as a cyborg. Later , the company overtook many competitor companies. Later , in the year 2392, the head of the cyberware development group of the company died in a car crash. Because the management of the corporation conversed money the company earned from licensing technology to other nations, the boss of the corporation planned to fire them, but after they were told of this , they planned an intrique to overtook the company. To do this , they faked a blackmail of the company by help oft the Orion Syndicate. Later , they kidnapped the sister of M.V and tried to trap the 2 bosses in their own houses via a change of the door controls. Both bosses were able to flee.




Bulildings and Space StationsEdit

PR ActivitiesEdit

  • SLNVRX organizes public viewings of E - Sport tournaments.
  • The corporation is also a sponsor of the Colognefighters TNG.


  • The company is partly based on the Kaiba Corporation, Commodore, the company of the Tessier Ashpool Family in Neuromancer and some other groups and corporations.
  • The invention of the converter program by the 2 bosses mirrors the invention of Altair Basic by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
  • Some employees of SLNVRX were inspired by characters from Stromberg
  • The Name of M.Vs female secretary , Nr. Six is obvious allusion to Battlestar Galactica.

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