Ryan T. Husk

Ryan T. Husk
is an actor, writer, director and producer who was featured as a red shirt officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek as well as a Starfleet officer in the sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness. Husk is also working on several fan films including his roles as Captain William S. Riley in Trek Wars: The Movie (2013), a Tellarite Merchant in Star Trek Continues, and U.S.S. Archer Security Officer in Tim Russ' fan film Star Trek: Renegades (2014). Renegades was co-written by Ethan H. Calk and Jack Treviño and stars Tim Russ, Walter Koenig, Courtney Peldon, Manu Intiraymi, Robert Picardo, Clint Carmichael, Richard Herd, John Carrigan, and Jason Matthew Smith in its cast. Husk also worked behind the scenes as continuity supervisor and talent assistant in the makeup department. [1]

Husk is currently working as marketing and production assistant on the pre-production of the upcoming web fan film entitled Star Trek: Axanar The film will feature Richard Hatch, J.G. Hertzler, Gary Graham, and Alec Peters as well as fellow Trek alumni David Gerrold, Daren Dochterman, John Eaves, James Cawley, Tad Atkinson, and April Marie Eden. [2]

Husk worked as actor, director, writer, and producer on the short comedy The Contest: A New Hoax (2007), its sequel The Contest 2: Darth and Mike Strike Back! (2008), the short fantasy film Warshem! (2008), and the short horror film Embrace (2012). He is also working as actor, producer, director and editor on the web series Hollywood Travel Log (2010-2013), Theme Park Thursdays (2011-2012), and Man vs Mild, with Brik Snarrlz! (2012-2013).

Other projects in which Husk is featured as an actor include the short project BloodRayne: A Fan Film (2008), episodes of Bones (2009, with Stoney Westmoreland), Deadliest Warrior (2009, with Caine Sinclair and Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom), and B.O.G.E. (2009), the science fiction film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009, with Rachel Nichols), the horror film Hyenas (2010, with Rudolf Martin and Marlene Sosebee), the short comedy Funny Business (2010), and the television movie Party Like the Queen of France (2012). Husk also appeared in episodes of General Hospital (2012, with Lisa LoCicero and Sean Blakemore) and The Young and the Restless (2012).

More recently, Husk starred in the drama series The Therapist (2011-013) and worked on the short romance The Blind Date (2013), the television mini-series Mademoiselle Emmanuelle (2013, with Ray Proscia) [3], the sport drama Baseball's Last Hero: 21 Clemente Stories (2013), and the comedy La La (2013).

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