Ryan Eagler was Chief engineer aboard the USS Posiden.

Early lifeEdit

Born in the bustling city of Chicago in the ancient United States, Eagler was brought up to distrust closed government and administration. He overcame that distrust in Starfleet, but always stood up for what he believed was good, even if it was against orders.

Starfleet CareerEdit

Eagler spent his entire career on the Poseidon and rose quickly through the ranks, finally achieving his dream post of Chief Engineer. He was well regarded among other engineers because of his loyalty and strong devotion to his work and friends. A jack of all trades, Ryan had experience in working with almost every engineering discipline except for computer engineering. For this, he relied on his close friend and assistant, Lieutenant Dave Doss. He took several months out of his Risa shore-leave to help oversee the Poseidon's repair and refit after the disastrous incident with Omega.

Academy HonorsEdit

  • Intermediate Command,
  • Intermediate Flightcontrol
  • Basic Xenoarcheology
  • Advanced Subspace mechanics
  • Advanced Warp mechanics
  • Advanced Engineering


Meretorious Conduct medal: While serving his cadet cruise on the USS Salem-A, the ship became trapped near a subspace distortion that made it impossible to engage warp engines. Eagler developed a revalistic escape path by utilising gravity assists from objects in that solar system.

Service RecordEdit

USS Salem-A: Served Cadet cruise as helmsman.

USS Poseidon-A: Transferred to the Poseidon-A after his graduation and shortly after the destruction of the original Poseidon as an engineer.

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