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Ruul was a human female serving as an officer of the Breen Confederacy in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)

In 2410 Ruul held the rank of dalsh and was CO of the Plesh Brek-class frigate Bor Tok. She and her crew attacked and captured an away team from the USS Bajor that was investigating Preserver ruins on Orvis II, and Ruul tortured Tesjha Phohl for information for several hours. However, the Bajor soon returned, destroyed her ship, and deployed its assault team. Ruul was wounded when Tess Phohl pulled a hidden stiletto and stabbed her in the back, and was taken prisoner by Kanril Eleya. ("Frostbite")

Under interrogation, Ruul gave up intelligence that allowed the Klingon Sixth Fleet to set a trap for the Dok Thak at Free Haven. ("Strange Times Are Upon Us, Part I")

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