Running is a short, 369-word narrative that serves as an introduction to the second season of Star Trek: Abandoned.


Unrelated to the events in "Under Siege", this short story instead gives a glimpse into what has been happening elsewhere, through the eyes of Enriss Temaga, presumed dead by the expedition. She is not mentioned by name, but her description of events and subsequent similar insights over the next few episodes leave no doubt as to who the narrator is.

Temaga describes her betrayal of the Borg Queen in "Lost and Found", and how her influence continues to tighten its grip on her mind, foreshadowing her eventual re-assimilation and descent into near-madness. She also "predicts" many key events across the course of the series, claiming:

"My actions will determine the lives or deaths of billions. I will give birth, and I will miscarry. I shall live, and I shall die. I shall kill, and be killed."

Finally, she emphasises her desire to return home, and to the friends she loves. She must keep running, for if she stops, her Queen will win, and all will be lost.


This is the first installment of Star Trek: Abandoned to be written as a first-person narrative, rather than a third-person documentary. Subsequent episodes written in the first person were also narratives by Temaga; season two's "The Calm Before the Storm" and the (upcoming) mid-fifth season two-parter, "The Embrace that Smothers" and "The Truth Beneath the Rose".

As explained above, "Running" is not directly related to the preceding episode "Under Siege, part I" or the succeeding second part, though Temaga refers to the city coming under attack, indicating she still possesses some residual connection to the collective. It is assumed, therefore, that this story takes place between the Hives' arrival at the planet in part I, and their destruction in part II.

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