First Ruaf'izod was a Jem'Hadar fleet commander during the Dominion War. In late-2374, he commanded a fleet Jem'Hadar and Cardassian warships in the Briar Patch as part of Gul Enic Hadar's plan to exact vengeance on Limis Vircona for the death of his brother earlier in the year.

Though instructed to keep Hadar on short leash, Ruaf'izod was highly displeased with Hadar serving in the capacity of a Vorta supervisor, but was content to honor the wishes of Yelgrun and the Founders. He was even more offended that Hadar threatened the life of a Founder, who had been in the guise of Limis's son Hasin Yanith, even though Yelgrun and that Changeling had gone along with the ruse of their own accord.

Ruaf'izod would eventually relieve Hadar of command after a number of Lambda Paz crewmembers had escaped confinement. Ruaf'izod then used first officer Ronnie Kozar and chief medical officer Aurellan Markalis as hostages when other senior officers barricaded themselves in engineering to fake a warp core breach. He was about to order Markalis's execution when Kozar was able to temporarily incapacitate the two guards. During the ensuing struggle, Ruaf'izod was fatally shot with his own weapon. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: "The Tides of War, Part 2")

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