Rovas was a Romulan who served as the propulsion leader and the beta shift officer of the RIS Bouteina. (RIS Bouteina)


He made his first formal appearance in the series during the first season episode We're All In This Together, when he assumed command because the main three officers were busy repairing a faulty holodeck. Later in the series, he can be seen on the bridge when his superiors are out to repair other systems, or, sometimes, to repair engines himself.

He was such a coward that he even deferred his responsibilities as the beta shift officer during the hunt for the HMS Sovereign to Brianna Reiss because he refused to play the "superheroes". ("Spoiled Rotten")

At some point between 2389 and 2409, Rovas became the chief engineer of the Bouteina, when Vaebn Mairex became the first officer of the same ship.

Service recordEdit

  • 2346-2350: Cadet, Romulan Naval Academy
  • 2350-2363: Propulsion engineer, IRW Mavel'Autria
  • 2363-2375: Propulsion engineer, IRW Llhrei'sian
  • 2375-2384: Head of propulsion, IRW Thria
  • 2384-2389: Head of propulsion, RIS Bouteina
  • 2389-???: Chief engineer, RIS Bouteina

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