Lt. Cryle, a Rossian member of Starfleet

The Rossians were natives to the planet Rinor in the Alpha Quadrant. The physiology includes orange blood and a horn located on their foreheads. They were also thoughtful and peaceful philosophers, who worked for technological advancement. This made them different from their brother species, the Rinorian, who were known to be quite deadly at times and have more of a warrior culture when compared to the Rossians.


For thousands of years the Rinorian and Rossian races have been at each other’s throats fighting many wars, each race trying to gain control of both of the planet’s continents. Each race’s hatred was fueled by their cultural and ideological differences. In the 22nd century, the Rossians invented warp drive and the technology was quickly stolen by the Rinorians. After which both races attempted to explore space. Rossians were the first opened contact with the Federation and applied to become members in the 2190s but were rejected several times because their planet was under two separate governments. After long negotiations administrated by President Jonathan Archer, the two races would set aside their differences and merged into one government in 2192. They then constructed a capital city named Ectorner on the main island between their two continents. Even though the two races are technically united, there is still a great societal rift between the two.

By the 23rd century there would be many Rossians who would join Starfleet in the years to come including Lt. Cryle who would serve on the USS Eagle under Captain Zach Banner. (Star Trek: Eagle)

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