Rose Hamelin was the medical receptionist holding the rank of Ensign, working at Starfleet Medical's Chicago office on Earth in 2366 and 2367.

Hamelin missed her hometown, London, where she claimed her mother was "drowning" in the same amount of bureaucratic paper work Daniel Radke was. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "The Burnt Child")

When the Borg cube was en route to Earth in 2367, Hamelin issued phaser rifles to the counselors in the office with Myra Elbrey's help, responding to Radke's orders. She also helped patrol the streets and keep civilians calm during the civil defense order. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "The Burnt Child")

Rose assisted counselors Radke, Richard Whitby, Elbrey and others at the office. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dream a Little Dream of Me")

Named for Doctor Who's Rose Tyler and the actress who played her, Billie Piper. Rose was referred to by first name only in "Dream a Little Dream of Me".

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