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The Romulan Crisis
Date: 2599
Location: Wolf 359
Result: Federation victory
Federation Romulan Star Empire
William Deker Unknown
3 starships 5 warbirds
USS Wonderful 5 warbirds
Unknown Unknown
Previous Next
Borg Attack at Sector 654 Battle of Vulcan

The Romulan Crisis was an event that occurred in the late 26th century. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars: "Her Flags Unfurled")


The Romulan Empire was almost at the brink of destruction. Romulan radicals, with the permission of the Romulan government, took five Romulan warbirds and, in a last desperate act, tried to attack Earth. They remained cloaked until they reached Wolf 359, where they were detected by the USS Kelborn. The Kelborn, the Huron, and the Wonderful defended Earth. In the end, the warbirds were destroyed and the Wonderful was destroyed as well.

Participating vesselsEdit

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