Ensign Roger Donovan was the Helmsman aboard the USS Hathaway under the command of Captain Jeffery Pierce. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Early life and careerEdit

Roger Donovan was born on Earth in 2264. He was raised as a youth on his family's ranch in Texas. During his teenage years he gained the reputation of a bit of a risk taker and not always thinking things through. His charm and smile though successfully saved him from a lot of trouble when things didn't come out as spectacularly as he had hoped. The trouble he would get in was relatively harmless though elaborate practical jokes and various stunts and mischief were common. It was an early expression of his thirst for adventure that would eventually lead him to Starfleet Academy in 2281.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Roger Donovan’s exceptional piloting skills are recognized and he is admitted into Nova Squadron, a five member elite flight team. He graduated in 2285 as an ensign and assigned to USS Hathaway as helmsman.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Roger Donovan is a proud Texan from Earth. He lives by the seat of his pants. He often overestimates his own abilities and just as often finds a reason to explain why he isn't overestimating himself. His skills as a pilot and helmsman are well deserved, however.

Background informationEdit

  • The Donovan character was originally to be portrayed by Marc "Skip" Setzer. Skip moved to go to college and the role needed to be recast. One day during filming Kieth walked into the STRAW Edutainment's filming facility where USS Hathaway is shot with his wife who is a part of the STRAWMAN franchise. Intrigued Kieth inquired and was interested. Brad Hathaway, Exec. Producer and portrayer of Captain Jeffery Pierce asked him to try the uniform on. It was a perfect fit. Since then, Kieth has been Roger Donovan.

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