Captain Robert DeSoto was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. One of the more famous captains, he was the commanding officer of the USS Hood in 2361. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint")

Robert DeSoto served on the Hood until 2373, and subsequently took command of the new USS Edmund Fitzgerald.

Upon the start of the Dominion War, DeSoto commanded the Hood on a patrol of the Federation-Cardassian border. Hood came under attack and was seriously damaged. USS Baldwin responded and escorted Hood back to Federation Territory. ((USS Baldwin: "The Find") Captain DeSoto was subsequently given command of the new USS Edmund Fitzgerald and was made the field commander of the Fifth Fleet. DeSoto took his second officer from Hood, Kelly Petrelli, as his new XO and passed command of Hood to his previous XO, James Trafficant. (USS Baldwin: "Wartime Productions").

In late 2375, DeSoto relayed to USS Baldwin captain Patrick Ingrum instructions to have him send USS Ticonderoga to the Briar Patch with a set of diplomatic envoy to begin relations with the Ba'ku, and an engineering crew for field installation of a warp core for the USS Enterprise-E (USS Baldwin: "Only the Young")


In a early version of the USS Baldwin story "The Find", the Hood was so severely damaged, Baldwin had to torpedo Hood, leading to DeSoto being given command of the USS Edmund Fitzgerald. After later appearances in DS9, the story was rewritten to salvage the ship, but DeSoto's reassignment, and the Edmund Fitzgerald, were kept.

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