Tensions run high aboard the Cole when Dr. Noah's former CO, a joined Trill, is brought aboard as the team's newest patient. Matters become even more complicated when Dr. Vonus opts to engage in more than just her usual self-experimentation.


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"An elevated white count could also be explained by a sexually transmitted disease. Starfleet doctors frequently ignore them as possible diagnoses."
"Don’t Kirk, don’t tell."
-- Vonus and Henglaar discussing Reigar Teer's illness
(On comm)"That is strong evidence of an underlying condition in the host."
"Disembodied voices don’t get to jump to conclusions, Dr. Vonus."
-- Vonus and Henglaar, trying to figure out whether Teer or the Teer symbiont carries the illness
"I can hear your eyebrow arching, Dr. Vonus. "
-- Henglaar



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The series is based on Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, created by Rob Caves. It is inspired by House, M.D., created by David Shore.

The series was created by Eric Weaver.


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23rd Tactical Support Wing; ambizine; aphasia; Archimedes, USS; aural sensitivity; Bajoran; Barnacoid influenza; biobed; biosealant; Changeling; Code Blue; colony; conaxin; cortical monitor; corticosteroid; Daniels, Casey; Delullah II; demylelination; dermal regenerator; Durable, SS; Duvian Corporation; encaphalitis; EPS grid; Ferenginar; Flynn; Galpin, Joyce; Henglaar; hepatitis; Hoberstadt; human; immunosuppressant; Irumodic Syndrome; isoboromine; Karsten, Stu; Kato, Ken; Ketracell-white; Kirk, James T.; Klingon; laser scalpel; lassara; latinum; menethium; mercaptopurine; mesocerebrum; microsutures; multiple sclerosis; myelin regenerator; myelin sheath; Nausicaan; neural shock; neurographic scan; neurolyte probe; Noah, Lucas; nomadododoisis; nuclear imaging scanner; Officer Exchange Program; peradoxin; photophobia; Profto; Raelon VI; Redami; reproductive system; Romulan; Romulan ale; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulan Star Empire; ronotonleitis; Rule 33; Russell, Dana; sexually transmitted disease; Shelby, Elizabeth; Silan; Solara; Starfleet; Starfleet Medical Academy; Symbiosis Commission; T'Pau, USS; targ; Targ Frenzy; Teer, Reigar; Teer symbiont; theragen; tranahalfil; tricorder; Trill; Trill symbiont; tumor; Unroth system; vasculitis; Vonus; Vulcan; Vulcan mind meld; Xoret