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Rio Patrick Farell was a former member of the Orion Syndicate. Although he had the reputation to be like a venomous snake in the Orion Syndicate, he refused to kill anyone, because he thought this was not right. He became a member of the Orion Syndicate because of Benjamin Esser. Because of Rene Michael, he left the Orion Syndicate and became a Starfleet member. Many years after the mission on the USS Immanuel Kant in 2370, he and his wife Katsuki Tomino settled on a space station in another galaxy which was located between the territory of the Blood Fist and another state. When a conflict between this states started, the station became destroyed and Katsuki Tomino became badly injured. Because of this, he and Katsuki Tomino came back to earth. Later, he and his wife were killed by a mutated form of the virus, which was created by Section 31 to kill the founders. Shortly before their death, an unknown person stole a special data disk from them.

Later, a scan of the brain of their daughter Madoka Michael showed that parts of the data stored in the disk was also in the brain of Madoka Michael. Nobody knew why the data was there. (Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar)

Character traitsEdit

  • He is loyal, helpful and diligent
  • He feared women, because during his childhood, his sister accidentally caused a big fire in the house he lived in. Because of this, he said he was gay, although he was bisexual. Later, Katsuki Tomino helped him to overcome his fear by saving his life. Later, they fell in love.


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