Richard Broughton was a Starfleet commodore on the USS Quintillus. (Starship Farragut)

Life and CareerEdit

Richard Broughton was on track for advancement to the Admiralty until an incident involving Jack Carter ended any further chance for promotion. Although details of the incident remain a mystery, he has clearly fallen out of favor with Starfleet Command; relegated to duties and responsibilities well below those that would normally correspond to anyone holding the rank of commodore. Broughton continues to hold a significant grudge against Carter; having vowed to do whatever it takes to ruin the career of the captain of the Farragut.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"It's not the ship I have a problem with ..."
— Broughton to Carter - "The Captaincy"

Background informationEdit

  • Commodore Richard Broughton was played by John Broughton Sr. in all of the character's appearances on Starship Farragut.

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