Rhys Darcen was the leader of a group of Human Augments living on Tagra IV in the 24th century. He had served as an agent of Section 31 in 2374 until the agency had decided against immediate use of a biological agent in the Dominion War. He and his fellow augments then continued to research the virus on their own, eventually planning to target the Cardassian settlement on Ventani II. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz: "A Cause of Greater Worth")

The major obstacle to implementing that plan was creating a strain of the virus that only affected Cardassians, as well as finding a medical practitioner willing to help achieve that end. In early-2375, his group used a listening post in the Epsilon Trianguli system as a proving ground for the virus. A human augment named Seamus O'Dell was the only survivor, although he did start to show symptom of the virus Darcen was planning to use, suggesting the virus took longer to run its course with augments. He later met Aurellan Markalis, assigned by Section 31 to infiltrate the group posing as a black market dealer in biomimetic gel, in a bar on Tagra IV and introduced her to the rest of his group. Once Markalis delivered a supply, Darcen instructed her to analyze Seamus's antibodies to determine how to make human augments immune to the virus in the event of accidental exposure. ("Midnight Ride", "Religion To Do Good") When Markalis formed four different strains of the virus, Darcen asked her use him and three of his followers as test subjects to determine which virus strains augments were immune to. ("Religion To Do Good")

As the virus began to run its course, Darcen became increasingly neurotic, first ordering the destruction of a Cardassian patrol vessel before it fired a shot. Even his lover Ileana Roshanak felt that was overkill. Roshanak finally turned against him after he ordered the execution of his chief engineer when Limis Vircona sneaked aboard their vessel and sabotaged the warp drive. A struggle ensued where Roshanak tried to kill Darcen with a knife, but Darcen was able to fatally stab her with it. While he gloated over Roshanak's impending death, Limis snatched his weapon and killed him with it. ("A Cause of Greater Worth")

Physical descriptionEdit

Darcen spoke with somewhere between a British and Scottish accent. His olive skin complexion suggested southern European ancestry, as well. ("Midnight Ride")

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