Dr. Rhell Darax was a Bolian Starfleet officer serving aboard the USS Pioneer beginning in 2381. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Rhell was born on the Bolain homeworld of Bolarus IX. It was clear from an early age that Rhell was destined to become a doctor. When Rhell was old enough, and when his parents would allow him to leave the homeworld, he enrolled in Starfleet Academy. While at Starfleet Academy Rhell excelled in academics, and rose to the top of his class. Rhell even had a chance to attend a special medical lecture by the Emergence Medical Hologram of the USS Voyager at Starfleet Academy. Rhell spent his first three years out of the Academy serving aboard USS Hippocrates, a Olympic-class medical ship helping with an outbreak on Liccus XII, where Rhell meet Dr. Lucus Kesar for the first time.

Dr. Rhell joined the crew of the USS Pioneer in 2381, just before the Pioneer left Deep Space 5 with Dr. Lucus Kesar. Rhell soon proved himself to be a valuable addition to the medical staff, and was considered a good friend by Dr. Chase Braga. ("The Nothingness")

In 2382, Rhell assisted Dr. Braga with treating Captain Kelsoe after the Battle of Minark. ("Dawn")

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