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"Do you trust him?"
"Rhaego? Elements, no. But his information's always been good."
Morgaiah t'Thavrau and Tovan tr'Khev (Bait and Switch: "Saith Daepahr hrrafv Llaiirevha, Part II")

Rhaego was a Suliban male who lived in the early 25th century.

Rhaego was a weapons smuggler who operated in the area near the Alpha Onias system, and provided information to Tovan tr'Khev. During the Romulan Republic peace summit with the Romulan Star Empire in 2410, Rhaego informed tr'Khev that two Tal Shiar operatives had purchased Romulan Republic IFF transponders from him, which they used in an attack on IRW Gauntlet in an attempt to break up the negotiations. (Bait and Switch: "Saith Daepahr hrrafv Llaiirevha, Part II")

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