Reshek Torvo was a Bajoran male on active service with the Federation Starfleet in the early 25th century.

Reshek Torvo appears to be named after his maternal grandfather Kanril Torvo.

Reshek Torvo was born to Kanril Eleya and Reshek Gaarra in the late 2410s. His younger sister was Reshek Taryn.

In approximately 2439, Torvo was stationed in the Delta Quadrant under Delta Quadrant Command, headed by his admiral mother. He was killed along with approximately 200,000 other Galactic Alliance spacers when an operation planned by his mother sent them into a trap set by the Borg Queen One of One. This led to Kanril Eleya attempting suicide, and then successfully pushing for the eradication of the Borg in their entirety. (Bait and Switch: "Light on the Horizon")

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