Reshek Tano was a Bajoran male active as an officer of the Bajoran Militia Surface Arm in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)


After joining the Bajoran Militia, Reshek Tano was assigned to the first wave to recolonize New Bajor in 2376 after the Dominion withdrawal. In 2409 he held the rank of colonel and was the commander of the planetary garrison. Due to the death of his wife and his needing to be on maneuvers a week out of every month, his sister Nefris stepped in to help raise his son Gaarra. (Bait and Switch)

In 2410 Tano was the commanding officer of the Fifth Colonial Rangers Regiment. After having spent his entire career to that point in the Gamma Quadrant, he traveled to Deep Space 9 to attend an international conference on terrorism, where his son Gaarra introduced him to his commanding officer and newly wedded wife Kanril Eleya. They had dinner at Quark's later, and Tano jokingly told them to get an annulment after Kanril started rooting for the Warriors during a broadcast of the Bajoran World Series baseball game. ("All's Fair in Love and War")

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