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Requiem (Star Trek: Odyssey (fan fiction) episode)

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"Requiem" is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of the fan fiction series Star Trek: Odyssey.


The Terran Empire has landed on the Ba'ku planet being led by the Mirror Admiral Janeway and Admiral Ross has relieved Captain Allensworth of command of the Alexandria. In fact, Ross has stationed the majority of the crew on the Ba'ku planet in a ground assault against the Empire. Hoshi Sato is left in command of the Alexandria because of her pregnancy and the ship is to be stationed at Starbase 12. All over the planet, Federation and Terran Empire forces collide from Kiridani to the frozen forests of Hyorintsuchi. Suddenly, Commander Sparhawk comes up missing and Allensworth has to not only find his first officer but also fight every single Imperial soldier just to find him.

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