Republic of Bajor
Bajoran insignia
Insignia of the Republic of Bajor.
Founded: 2369 (reestablished)
Dissolved: 2320s (dissolved by Cardassian Empire occupiers in favor of a puppet state)
Form: parliamentary republic variant
Location: Alpha Quadrant (chiefly)
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets (member state)
Capital: Ashalla, Bajora Province, Bajor
Head of State: First Minister
Legislature: Chamber of Ministers
Major Species: Bajoran
Military: Bajoran Militia
Religion: Bajoran religion
Language: Bajor'la, Federation Standard
Currency: Federation credit

The Republic of Bajor (also referred to as the Third Republic of Bajor) was the planetary government of Bajor and its colonies. It was a member state of the United Federation of Planets.

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Federation membershipEdit

The exact date of Bajor's entry into the Federation varies by continuity. Pocket Books' novels state that Bajor was admitted immediately after the Dominion War in 2376, while The Path to 2409, background to the Star Trek Online continuity, states that Bajor did not reapply until 2384 and attained full membership in 2393. Different fanworks on this wiki may thus give different dates.



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