Renewal Offensive
Part of Dominion War
Date: December, 2374
Location: New Xindus
Result: Dominion tactical victory
Xindi political victory
Xindi Resistance Movement Dominion
Bariq Adoma Tarska Hesar


16000 resistance fighters 100000 Cardassian troops
None Twenty bases severely damaged or destroyed
16000 resistance fighters 57th Division (20000 troops)
Previous Next
Battle of New Xindus

The Renewal Offensive was an attack launched by the Xindi resistance during the Dominion occupation of New Xindus. (The Renewal Offensive)


Following the Dominion's conquest of New Xindus, Councilor Bariq Adoma and Commander Guruk formed a resistance movement. For six months, they struck with hit-and-run attacks on Cardassian facilities, but their scale was small. As the Renewal Festival approached, Adoma ordered a daring simultaneous attack on multiple Dominion facilities. His hope was to help rally support for the resistance and drive the Dominion off his planet.

Dominion commanders Tarska Hesar and Liska anticipated an attack during the festival, but lack of intelligence meant they had no idea when or where Adoma would strike. Hesar was able to pull three Cardassian units off the frontlines to strengthen security. Liska requested a complement of Jem'Hadar from Betazed, but was denied.


In the early hours of the festival, Xindi fighters struck twenty Cardassian bases across the Northern continent. All troops at the bases were overrun and killed. In Xindus City, a Reptilian strike team even penetrated the Council Building, which was serving as Dominion Headquarters. Dominion command staff evacuated to a secure bunker adjacent to the building. Almost immediately, Administrator Jaffe declared martial law, ordered all civilians to return home, and demanded that the bases be retaken.

As dawn broke across the continent, armored units struck back. Five bases were quickly retaken. However, other bases put up more difficult fights. The Xindi at the base near Dekoot were able to hold off for three weeks before the Cardassians retook the base.


Despite the losses sustained by the resistance, support for Adoma grew and he continued to launch attacks against the Dominion throughout the following weeks and months.

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