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A former Angosian commando, surgically altered to be the perfect soldier, Dergos was exiled with his fellow super soldiers to a moon, where they would not harm the local population. Dergos and several other commandos were loaned to the Federation in order to perform surgical strikes behind enemy lines during the Dominion War. Hunt was impressed by Dergos during a mission to liberate Betazed from Dominion control, and so he requested that Dergos serve as his Tactical Officer, after the war, on board the USS Lapon. When he transferred with the rest of the crew of the Lapon to the USS Beliskner, Dergos was given the post of SFMC liaison officer, and a promotion to Major, to oversee the sizable contingent of his fellow Marines serving aboard.

Wounded in actionEdit

The Major was heavily wounded in action saving the lives of several of his crew mates trapped on board a Romulan Thalaron Weapon ship in early 2381, and received an artificial leg. For great self sacrifice and courage in the line of duty,he was awarded the Purple Heart, as well as the Medal of Honor.


Thanks to his Angosian enhancements, the Major can be a ruthless killing machine when the need arises, and it does often, But hidden under his layers of physical and mental armor, is the gentle soul of an artist, though he would never admit it.

Special WeaponsEdit

His weapon of choice was, until recently, a heavy anti personnel phaser cannon which he liberated from a Romulan warbird which, at the time was under control of Section 31. Thanks to his enhanced strength, he can easily carry and operate this weapon singlehandedly. Unfortunately, the Phaser was disabled in the same explosion that cost him his leg, and had to be abandoned when the Romulan Commander prematurely activated his ship's Thalaron Device. Since then he has been seen utilizing a variety of weapons, from standard phaser rifles to his Marine Issue Sabre.

Hand to HandEdit

Dergos is an expert in many different fighting styles, both armed and unarmed, he has a 5th degree Black Belt in Hapkido, a 4th degree Black belt in Kendo, and is a Master in the Andorian art of Ushaan fighting, and the Vulcan Suus Mahna. Dergos is also one of only six non to be inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth. Often the only person who can beat him in a sparring match is Captain Hunt who is also a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Hapkido. (Star Trek: New Order)

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