Captain Reinette Hernandez was a Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. She was the commanding officer of the USS Effingham, and spent much of the Dominion War as the executive officer of the USS Baldwin under Patrick Ingrum.

Starfleet careerEdit

Captain Patrick Ingrum selected Reinette as his second officer soon after he took command of Baldwin in 2374. (USS Baldwin: "The Find") After former executive officer Jenna Carson took command of the USS Ottawa, Reinette was promoted to lieutenant commander and made the new XO.

In late 2375, she was selected as part of a cultural envoy to the Ba'ku. Patrick would personally take her to her new assignment. (USS Baldwin: "Only the Young")

By November of 2376, she had been promoted to the rank of captain, while still serving as a cultural envoy. (USS Baldwin: "Drift off to Dream")

In 2377, Reinette was assigned to lead the refit of two Akira-class ships, the USS Effingham and the USS Winchester. In November of [[2377], both ships were assigned to the 10th Squadron of the Fifth fleet, a cruiser wing led by the Baldwin and Captain Ingrum. Winchester was ready first, and was offered to USS Ottawa XO Bernie Tyler. However, mindful of her ties to the 10th squadron and Captain Ingrum, Reinette was asked to stay on as Effingham's captain. (USS Baldwin: "That Kind of Day")

Personal RelationshipsEdit

Reinette remained friends with the Baldwin crew, even after she had left the ship. She was present at the Patrick Ingrum's wedding to Bridget. She spoke up to wish the couple well, and made sure they had their first dance. (USS Baldwin: "Drift off to Dream")


Reinette was an avid dancer with in interest in late 20th Century dance routines, partially inspired by the discovery of a collection of 20th Century music by Patrick. She started a dance team composed of members of the Baldwin crew, with Patrick serving as an unofficial holo-photographer. She would ask Garak volunteered to tailor dance uniforms for the troupe. (USS Baldwin: "Time's Eagle")

Service jacketEdit

Assignment historyEdit

CDT1 (Early TNG).png
Red Cadet (Early TNG).png
First Year Cadet 2364-65 Starfleet Academy Assumes four years in the Academy
from the age of 18
CDT2 (Early TNG).png
Red Cadet (Early TNG).png
Second Year Cadet 2365-66
CDT3 (TNG).png
Red Cadet (TNG).png
Third Year Cadet 2366-67
CDT4 (TNG).png
Red Cadet (TNG).png
Fourth Year Cadet 2367-68
LT (TNG).png
Red (TNG).png
Lieutenant 2374 Second officer, USS Baldwin USS Baldwin: "The Find"
LCDR (DS9-VOY).png
Red (DS9).png
Lieutenant Commander 2374-2375 Executive officer, USS Baldwin USS Baldwin: "Wartime Productions"
2375-2376 Cultural Envoy, Ba'ku system USS Baldwin: "Only the Young"
CAPT (DS9-VOY).png
Red (DS9).png
Captain 2376-2377 USS Baldwin: "Drift off to Dream"
2377 Refit team lead, USS Effingham and USS Winchester USS Baldwin: "That Kind of Day"
2377- Commanding officer, USS Effingham


Dominion War Victory Medal Dominion War Victory Medal 2375 Received for serving in Starfleet
during the Dominion War
USS Baldwin: "Good Will"
Command Officer Certification Command Officer Certification Prior to
Implied by virtue of current position as Effingham's CO.
Bridge Officer Certification Bridge Officer Certification. Prior to
Implied by virtue of assignment as Baldwin's XO.


Reinette appeared in the first 11 stories, from "The Find" to "Only the Young." She would appear in "Drift off to Dream" before returning as Effingham's captain in "That Kind of Day" and "Mother and Child"


Reinette's name is a tip of the hat to the 2006 Doctor Who episode "The Girl in the Fireplace"

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