Regula I and Mutara Nebula

Regula I

Regula I was a Federation research station located in orbit of the class D planetoid Regula on the edge of the Mutara Nebula. In the 2280s, Regula I operated under the direction of Dr. Carol Marcus during the development of Project Genesis. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)


Over the course of a century, the station was mostly inactive and received only a few visits from Starfleet researchers on special projects. This changed in 2383, when Section 31 stationed a group of Starfleet Corps of Engineers, and Erik Pressman, on board to secretly develop another interphase cloaking device. Being under the guise of Section 31 drove Pressman mad, causing him to sabotage the cloaking device and fake his death. He escaped to Regula's secret cavern without notice. Three days later, the USS Phoenix-X arrived to have the cloaking device installed. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "These Aren't the Voyages...")

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