A recreation room or rec room was a space in a starship where crew could relax while off-duty. A larger space with facilities for games or sports was referred to as a rec deck. Rec rooms might have food slots or replicators.

Rooms reserved for eating might instead be called a mess hall or wardroom.

Unused cargo bays were used as informal rec decks on the USS Mumbai. There was an officers' lounge at the aft of the saucer section with a cocktail bar. (TOSS #6 "Nets", #16 "Cocktails")

Ships of the Prospero-class had a two-decks-tall rec deck with external windows. (TOSS #40 "Sitrep")

The USS Enterprise had several small rec rooms and a rec deck with gym and dojo amongst other things. After the refit it also had a large rec dec on deck 7, where James Kirk delivered his V'ger briefing, and an officers' lounge. (TOS, Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

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