Commander Rebecca Amsha Farouk was an officer in Army Security during the Second Wizarding War. She, as well as her brother and his twin sister signed up after the Army was reorganized upon it's adoption by the ICW, an action taken against her parents wishes.

Commissioned directly as a full Lieutenant, her first assignment is, along with her friend Yukiko Tanaka, to investigate a series of murders in the cities of Hogsmeade and London. A skilled investigator, she rather quickly comes up with a suspect, her superior officer and personal friend, then-Commander Colin Creevey, whom she arrests. Soon after they discover that the Redjac entity was responsible for the murders and had used Colin as a host.

She later, unknowingly, comes into contact with Redjac again, when, she saves Yukiko from being raped by a London street tough who was under Redjac's control. It was that attack, brought upon by Yuki's discovery of certain vital information, that informed them they were dealing with a parasitic lifeform.

General Weasley, fearing an outcry over the fact that Farouk was pregnant with her husband's child, reassigns her from the investigation and appoints Yukiko, a fair investigator, but better combat officer, to the investigation.

Lieutenant Commander Farouk later encounters her again, when, after being caught up in an attack on London, Redjac reanimates the freshly dead corpse of Blaise Zabini, the Death Eater that held Ginny Weasley captive the previous year, and warns her that he will destroy her in a completely unexpected way. It is a prediction born out months later when he takes over her father, eats away at his pscyhe until there's nothing left, and uses her husband as a trap to lure her into rescuing him. Farouk is forced to kill her father in order to implement the contingency plan that Army Security and Army Intelligence developed to deal with him. An action in which she is forced to accept being decorated for as a way to bolster morale among the civilian population. (Its Hour Come Round at Last)

She was born in Lebanon and moved with her parents to the UK when she was a toddler.

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