Rebecca Davies was a former operative for the Orion Syndicate. After spending time in New Zealand for attempting to assassinate Patrick Ingrum, she would become part of his extended family.

Personal HistoryEdit

Rebecca was raised on Adigeon Prime, where she was considered to be a "red-headed step child." As a way to escape the planet, she accepted a deal from an Orion Syndicate operative. Unwilling to go into prostitution, she instead opted to become an femme fatale. To accomplish those ends, her benefactor had her DNA resequenced, increasing her agility and strength. She also underwent significant training for the role and served 8 years as an operative for the Syndicate before going freelance.

In 2377, while working for a mysterious organization known as Vredo, she was tasked to eliminate Patrick Ingrum. She managed to get one shot at Patrick before being tackled by Bridget Ingrum and arrested. In exchange for a lighter sentence, she agreed to help recover the stolen USS Abilene (USS Baldwin: "Reaction to Action, Part 2")

In 2378 she was released from the New Zealand Penal Settlement and tasked with help finding former Starfleet Doctor Claude Eccleston. Upon finding him, she determined that he was on the run from the syndicate, and that he knew significant details about their main suspect, Malina. She was subsequently asked to bring Dr. Eccleston back to Federation space; however, Malina got to him first. (USS Baldwin: "Family Affair")

Personal relationshipsEdit

When she was in the brig aboard the USS Ottawa, she built a rapport with Issac Ingrum. During her incarceration in New Zealand, Issac would visit Rebecca frequently.

Abilities and PersonalityEdit

As a result of her genetic augmentation, her strength and agility have been significantly enhanced. Her strength is equal to or less than that of other augments, such as Bridget Ingrum. (USS Baldwin: "Reaction to Action, Part 2")

She also had a strong tolerance for alcoholic beverages. She preferred Aldebaran whiskey, served straight. (USS Baldwin: "Family Affair")

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