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The USS Ottawa tracks down the stolen Abilene.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • Is it just me, or do I need to see Dr. Bratney?
    Bridget, upon encountering Issac and Patrick together


  • The story title is a song by Foreigner from their 1984 album Agent Provocateur.
  • Prior to the 2009 re-write, "Reaction to Action" was the longest story, twice the average length of the rest of the USS Baldwin stories. Thus, the story was split into 2 parts as part of the re-write.


USS Abilene; USS Baldwin; Collins, Dorian; Davies, Rebecca; Dillon, Brendan; "Hells Bells"; Ingrum, Bridget; Ingrum, Issac; Ingrum, Patrick; Jem'Hadar attack ship; USS Kitty Hawk; USS Ottawa; Petrelli, Jaimie; Roslyn; Starbase 42;

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