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Raymond Boone was a USS Rutledge officer, under Captain Benjamin Maxwell's command during the Setlik III massacre, where he was killed in a battle with the Cardassians. Originally, it was believed Boone was captured, tortured and released.

The original Boone and his wife married around 2347.

A Cardassian agent, altered to appear like Boone, slipped into Boone's place and continued with his normal life, even continuing his service in Starfleet. In 2362, "Boone" resigned his commission and moved to Volan III with his family. His wife felt he had changed, believing it was due to Cardassian torture techniques used on him. In the same year, "Boone" left his wife and family.

In 2370, he appeared on Deep Space 9 and framed his former Rutledge crewmate Miles O'Brien. On Cardassia Prime, O'Brien was cleared of all charges and the trial ended when Chief Archon Makbar uncovered a Cardassian operation to make the Federation appear to support the Maquis: something "Boone" was an operative in. (DS9: "Tribunal")

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