Rave was a Section 31 operative in the 24th century, and a war-mongrel and time-traveling agent of the Na'kuhl in the 29th century. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2381, Rave was on mission to infiltrate the meetings aboard the USS Atlantis that focused on the Hellonesians joining the Federation. Believing the Hellonesians to be dangerous, Rave sabotaged the meetings: thus forcing the Hellonesians to withdraw their application for the time being. ("The Shadow Maneuvers")

In 2382, Rave received a distress call from the 29th century-Section 31 organization. He then found alien passage into the future, where he attempted to lead the Temporal Cold War in that time while reviving the strength of its Section 31.

Unfortunately, the crew of the Phoenix-X were sent to bring him back home, accidentally losing Rave to the Na'kuhl in the 29th century. ("Temporal Doom! Part III")

In 2410, Rave was on assignment for the Na'khul and time-traveled to this year to retrieve one of their operatives, Sayjan. Unfortunately, Rave became distracted and started assassinating people he believed were in league with either the Iconians or Undine. When he attempted to assassinate Menchez, two time-traveling Vorgon agents intercepted him and transported him away, under arrest. ("There's Always Some Strings Attached")

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