The Odyssey crashed in the ocean

Rapture was a vast underwater city on planet Kressgon apparently built by Ryan Andrews in 2389 from the crashed wreck of the Federation starship USS Odyssey-A. Outwardly, the purpose of Rapture was a place to be free of Federation law and morality, allowing brilliant scientific and entrepreneurial minds to use the Odyssey's advanced technology for their own purposes without ethical constraint. The true reason for Rapture's construction was far more sinister, however: the production of Plasmids. (Star Trek: Rapture)


At the conclusion of the Time War, the warp engines on the USS Odyssey-A suddenly overloaded, propelling the ship out of control towards planet Kressgon. Captain Lewis attempted to stabilize the vessel, but he, and about sixty percent of the crew abandoned ship.


With the Odyssey wreckage the size of a small city, Ryan Andrews converted much of the interior from starship corridors and bulkheads to a sprawling complex, with replicated architecture and renamed areas.

Medical PavilionEdit

Most of the forward, lower saucer section was taken up by an expanded Sickbay. This is where Lewis rescued Eleanor from her Big Daddy.


At the heart of the saucer section was the computer core, and also storage for vast vats of processed ADAM.

Technologies and InhabitantsEdit


The development of plasmids required ADAM. ADAM would be injected into the user's body, subtly altering the base DNA to perform new actions, such as generating the electric attacks of Electrobolt or throwing fireballs with Incinerate! and so on.

Little SistersEdit

In order for the ADAM to be produced, blood had to be processed through a living being which had been implanted with a genetic catalyst. The younger women on the ship, such as Jane Barker and Kressgonian explorer Eleanor would be brainwashed to collect and drink blood from dead bodies, before returning to Persephone to excrete raw ADAM.

Big DaddyEdit

Randomly selected male survivors were taken to a working Borg assimilation chamber and their body wielded into a metal diving suit, in which they could protect the Little Sisters as well as combat enemies. It is presumed all the Big Daddies were killed when Lewis rampaged through the ship.

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