Raiden was a criminal from the 21st century who was accidentally transported into the 24th century while running from police officer Lei Sanchez. (Star Trek: Reloaded)


In the early 21st century, Raiden attempted to bring two rival gangs together so that he could steal their money. Upon success, a stalking police officer named Lei Sanchez gave chase. (Chapter 1) Raiden ran into a nearby forest and stumbled upon a 30th century timeship, which he hijacked with both Lei and its original occupant, a Suliban named Kelik, onboard. The trio traveled into the year 2379, where the ship was disabled by a Reman warbird. (Chapter 2)

Not too long later, Raiden was back to manipulating groups and had begun courting the Remans with the Orions, enough to upset the Jem'Hadar. (Chapter 4)

Background informationEdit

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