Rachel Covaks was a captain in the Imperial Starfleet of the Terran Empire. (Star Trek: Constance)

Early lifeEdit

Unlike her normal universe counterpart, Rachel was born on a warship that was on the way to re-take Earth from the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. After the re-taking of Earth, she was raised in the new Terran Empire, raised on the belief that greatness only comes from conquering and military power.

Rachel entered the re-formed Imperial Starfleet at an early age. She became one of the most powerful officers in the new Terran Empire, and she was made Captain of the ISS Constance.

The ISS ConstanceEdit

Captain Covaks was responsible for regaining control of a good portion of Terran Empire territory that was lost when they where conquered by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. As a result of her fame within the Empire, she was put in the running for the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Starfleet, her competition being James O'Brien.

The BadlandsEdit

The Constance was sent to the Badlands system to test a new Quantum drive, and would travel into the main universe. Due to an accident in the drive, she swapped places with Rachel Covaks, and would work hard to try and get back to her ship.

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